Monday, 11 April 2016

One blog a day... Not very LinkedIn - Misidentifying people

I've heard about strange people who blog every day, yes, every EVERY DAY.  This includes people like Richard Herring - I'm not sure if he blogs as me1 or me2, but since he has an alter ego - he only has to work half as hard....

So I'm going to blog every day this week, I could cheat an include the blog post I put up yesterday, but I'm a much better person than that.... Hold on a sec. No I am not.

This is my second post, and I think I've run out of interesting things to say.... Or have I....

This morning I saw an email from LinkedIn. This is a screen grab from my phone.
I was very impressed, I don't know Nick that well. I thought he was a Data Professional who worked in Southampton and not a Fleet Street  Journalist!!

Well he's not. Nick is a Data Architect and it appears that the LinkedIn AI / Bot that has been collecting articles has been misidentifying people.

Now, this is a trivial case.  But what if this system was being used to identify people for other purposes?  "Have you been miss sold PPI?"

So that's blog post two done, now 5 more to go.

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