Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sad face, Podcast, Sad face Azure

The site running on Azure has stopped working.

So I'm sad, the network forwarding is broken, it's just a sad mess.  It went wrong earlier in the week, but now I'm just shaking my head and looking sad.

There does appear to be some issue with Azure VM and the disks...

But I think its going to take a little bit to get it up and running again.
I am toying with starting again from scratch and using a dedicated podcast service like

I'm going to some investigation, until then, is down... but not out.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Install SQL Server 2016 RC2

I installed SQL 2016 tonight, I thought it would be interesting to record the setup then comment on it...

The video of the server install is here;

I really like the new tempdb section and the instant file initialization tick box.

I've taken this bit from the Microsoft website.

In SQL Server 2016 RC 2, enhancements include:
  • R Services setup – the setup process for R Services is much more integrated into SQL Server setup. There is no longer a need to manually download and install Microsoft R open and R Server if the SQL Server is connected to the Internet; it becomes part of the SQL Server install sequence.
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) – This release of SSMS features an update to the Visual Studio 2015 shell bringing enhancements such as the quick launch toolbar and improved theming support.
  • Mobile reports – Brand Packages will now be downloaded to the mobile report publisher from a server running RC2 and available for use in report creation.  Basic mobile report content migration between servers is now supported.

Monday, 11 April 2016

One blog a day... Not very LinkedIn - Misidentifying people

I've heard about strange people who blog every day, yes, every EVERY DAY.  This includes people like Richard Herring - I'm not sure if he blogs as me1 or me2, but since he has an alter ego - he only has to work half as hard....

So I'm going to blog every day this week, I could cheat an include the blog post I put up yesterday, but I'm a much better person than that.... Hold on a sec. No I am not.

This is my second post, and I think I've run out of interesting things to say.... Or have I....

This morning I saw an email from LinkedIn. This is a screen grab from my phone.
I was very impressed, I don't know Nick that well. I thought he was a Data Professional who worked in Southampton and not a Fleet Street  Journalist!!

Well he's not. Nick is a Data Architect and it appears that the LinkedIn AI / Bot that has been collecting articles has been misidentifying people.

Now, this is a trivial case.  But what if this system was being used to identify people for other purposes?  "Have you been miss sold PPI?"

So that's blog post two done, now 5 more to go.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Guerrilla Talks - A new lightning talk format...

Its all Richard Munn's fault idea - "Lets create a forum to encourage new speakers..."

Guerrilla Talks is Richard Munn's fault brain child. A way of encouraging new speakers.

He pitched it as a crazy idea, but in fact its quite sensible.

A way of;
*Allowing people to dip their toes into speaking without having to do a 50/60 minute session.
* Letting people try new ideas.
* Doing it all from the comfort of your desk (or high-backed armchair) at lunch time.

So as Pop Will Eat Itself would say, 'Let's get down to it, Boppers'.

Guerrilla Talks is a new lightning talk format session to help and encourage new, up and coming speakers to dip their toes in speaking without leaving the comfort of the desk.  It also gives old hands a chance to trying something new and different.

Its all remote  (via GotoWebinar) and the rules are quite simple.
* The session can be either 5 or 10 minutes
* Its run at lunch time (BST) 12:30pm-1pm
* Once a month, the last Wednesday in each month.
* It’s open to any and everyone
* Any topic

The first one is on the 27th April at 12:30; And here is the first line up.

Richard Munn @splappy - Once, Twice, Three Times A DBA (5 mins)
Alex Whittles @PurpleFrogSys - “Windowing functions – the Chuck Norris of T-SQL” (10 mins)
Rob Sewell @sqldbawithbeard - Four things you need to know to effectively use PowerShell (5 mins)

Be there or be square (yes, I am that old).  Register here. 

The next one is on the.. 25th of May

See you there,