Thursday, 4 June 2009

New Web Service, Stats and tracking

Been meaning to do an update for a while. Finally got around to it this morning.

I've created a new Web Service for non-Microsoft (all) clients. It's a simplified version of the existing web service. The test page contains all the source code (Javascript) required for using the Web Service.

Although this site is new (just a few months old), I thought it would be interesting to display the usage statitics. The stats show how many Tidies have been done (for Today, Last 7 days, Last Month and Year).

I've also added a 'Share' button, so people can now add to their favourite social networking site. Please, please, please use it! :-)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Free hosting coming to an end...

I was just looking at my hosting provider ( and there was an odd message, "Your website is already expired and all files will be deleted soon. Please back up all your files." (in red!).

When I checked the message boards, I found they have changed their free hosting from only having a limit on disk space to now being time limited; 90 days.

Of course the gravy train has to stop somewhere and I can see why being the only company that offer free hosting and be a bit of an overhead.

The long and short of it means that has to move - and I'm going to have to pay! 

Hopefully I will have sorted a new home out before they remove the site completely.