Friday, 8 May 2009

Format your SQL with T-SQL Tidy

Sorry for this shameless self-promotion, but in a vain attempt to attract more visitors to the T-SQL Tidy web site - I'm writting a small piece to advertise my site.

If you want to format / parse or tidy your T-SQL then visiting TSQL Enter your y unformatted SQL into the box on screen then click 'Tidy', your SQL will then be transformed and beautified into well formatted SQL.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Update to SQL Formatting engine..

I think I finally got the sql formatting and parsing engine complete (or as good as its going to get). I've rewritten the way INSERTs are formatted, I was never happy with the way it was done orginally, so now I'm happy with it.

I've also released a tweek for the T-SQL Tidy Utility ( the quick tidy button was not working correctly).

I've done a couple of minor tweeks to the web-site, so hopefully they will get indexed better by search engines. A couple of days ago I noticed I was no longer in the first 10 search results from google. Which is really bizar - one day in the top 10 the next somewhere in the 50's. Not sure what is going on with google at the moment.