Monday, 8 April 2013

Technology: Why I Hate and Love you so…

I word in IT, I love and hate technology with equal passion…

Technology makes our lives better, wireless networks, cheap computers, mobile phones that can make calls / play games and make a terrible cup of coffee… We can do more..cheaper.. 

But its the most frustrating thing in the world, when the iPad doesn’t find the airport printer…What do you do? Reboot everything….if that doesn’t work, setup everything from scratch again…if that doesn’t work? Pray to the God of Calculators… if that doesn’t work??? ? ? ? Hours later… still doesn’t work, even after selling my soul to the God of Calculators….

But wait a second, the iPhone can see the airport printer… so its a problem with the iPad..

At that point I give up and print from a PC {wirelessly}– several hours of my life I will never get back….

Viva technology!!