Saturday, 20 August 2011

SQL Server in the Evening (3rd Event)

Last night I did my first slot as a presenter.  I’d like to thank Gavin Payne, the event organiser for giving me the opportunity to speak.

So how I did go? Okay, I think.  It is very difficult to know how you go down until you get feedback (so if you attended, please feel free you email me your comments). 

The initial feedback was positive and incredibly useful (Thank-you Christian), its given me ideas of how to structure my next presentation… 

But back to the evening…

My presentation was on Geospatial data types in SQL Server 2008 (r2 Express) – to try and make my presentation more memorable I used props, balls for Points, string for LineString and Polygons –> I hoped that it would be different , not in code or PowerPoint would help the concepts stick..   

me_at_sql_in_the_evening If you look really closely you can see the string.. (Thanks again Christian – I took no pictures all evening).

After me, Vilosh (Smart Reporting Solutions) did a demo of his BI product.

Then the buffet,  although I feel the term buffet doesn’t do justice to food.  I was bowled over by the quality and quantity.  The Ramada did a great job.

Then Jen Stirrup presented iPad and PowerPivot- Mobile Business Intelligence in Action.  A really thought provoke presentation on the future of mobile BI and BI in general.  The iPad is a game changer and a great business tool.  Check her previous and next SQLBits sessions out.

Next up was Keith Burns presenting Denali CTP3 - An overview and update.  I was excited about CTP1 of Denali, but it was a bit of a non-starter, yes, it was a new engine and new SSMS, but the cool sexy features, Crescent, Column Store indexes, file table, Juneau etc etc were all missing, but now in CTP3 – they are all there!!!!!!

I feel like it’s time to get enthusiastic about Denali again.  Keith briefly mentioned Feature pack for Denali…Check out the goodies!!

One of the great things about going to User Groups is seeing wonderful presenters talk about subjects they love, but its a fantastic place to meet up with the twitterati – people you only know by cryptic code names are real flesh and blood people.  

I’d like to thank Gavin again for putting on a great evening and I’m really looking forward to the next one.